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Annabell and Baxter

"Cynthia is a wonderful trainer and very patient.  My big girl, Annabell is sweet, but extremely stubborn and my young boy, Baxter was shy and fearful.  After only a few weeks both dogs were sitting and staying on command and walking on a leash without pulling.  That’s an accomplishment considering their combined weight is over 200 pounds.  

Cynthia did a great job! "

Lynn Miller

Shuster K9 Academy Austin TX


"Cynthia taught us how to train our young German Shepherd Felix. She met with us at our home and at public locations to train him to accompany us as we go about our daily life. He loves to go on errands and because he is both adorable and polite, we regularly get compliments and opportunities to refer other dog owners to Cynthia. Although we focused on obedience training, Cynthia is an accomplished Schutzhund athlete with her personal dogs and is equipped to train your dog in a range of disciplines from a serious dog sport competition to a everyday dog owner who wants a polite and reliable dog. Cynthia does board and train but also works with the dog owner to help you train your dog and continue the work at home. Cynthia trains all breeds and understands so many breed specific issues and solutions. Even though Cynthia is working primarily with your dog, she is also a wonderful person and we have found that dog owners and their canine companions are equally delighted by her. Five Stars from a very satisfied GSD family."


Pam and Cindy Swartzel and Felix

Shuster K9 Academy Austin TX

Kai - bear

"Cynthia is absolutely amazing! It's very refreshing dealing with such a knowledgeable, straightforward individual. She has provided us along the way with invaluable information & training tools that has helped our Kai-bear transition very well into his forever home. Thank you Cynthia from the bottom of our hearts!"


- David & Kat Hamm

Shuster K9 Academy Austin TX

Aston Martin

Recommendation for training Aston Martin:

"I hired Cynthia to train my Swiss Shepherd puppy, Aston. I take long walks with him daily and was having trouble getting him to behave.  It was important to me that he learned to be obedient and comfortable on the leash.

Cynthia has a very specific training method. In a short period of time she was able to get Aston  performing beyond my expectations."

Ronald C. Scott

Shuster K9 Academy Austin TX


“ Cynthia was a life saver for me. I’ve had dogs all my life but they were always smaller dogs. I love my German Shepherd Holly, however she was becoming to much for me and my children to handle…. Cynthia quickly assessed the situation and worked with Holly and I quickly implement boundaries and training methods that worked! Now we are able to to take her with us and is a delight to be around! I highly recommend her for training as she is an expert!”


Brent Belman

Lakeway Texas

Shuster K9 Academy Austin TX

Willie Nelson

"After having 3 German Shepherd's that have lived full lives for the past 30 years, I realized I had to have another!


Cynthia came into my life and began the process of finding my new family member and best friend. She would send me photos of different GSD from all over the world for the last couple of years. And then one finally spoke to me! Then came the hard part, he was in Prague. Imagine How hard that can be, will we be compatible, will he be the right fit for me and my family?  She arranged all of the details, flights, customs and drove to Dallas to pick him up. When he arrived and was let out of his crate he was more than I could have imagined! “My new best friend “Her training began immediately, all of his commands were in Czech and she successfully changed them to English.


Cynthia trained and prepared him for the south Central Regional Confirmation show and came home with a V3 title in the working class! She not only found the perfect dog for me she is a wonderful trainer! I could not have done it with out her expertise and connections!"


Haythem Dawlett

Legend Communities

Lakeway Texas

Shuster K9 Academy Austin TX

Special Agent

I am writing this testimonial to thank Cynthia and to provide potential clients of hers information on her training program and her professional approach towards the clients and their dogs.

In the winter of 2016 I was referred to Cynthia to help me with training my Czech German Shepherd male pup. I hadn’t handled a dog in approximately 13 years and I was in need of someone that would not only train my pup but to knock the rust off me to make me not only a happy client but, a better Handler.

My K9 is no pushover and he requires a firm hand and a first class trainer to keep him focused on his training tasks.

After our first six weeks of training he had progressed much more than expected so I retained Cynthia for an additional six weeks. Each training session it was clear that my dog was not only progressing at a rate that I was very pleased with, he was also having fun and looking forward to his weekly training meetings with Cynthia. 

Cynthia also helped me with my stale handling methods and that helped me keep him always moving forward. 

Cynthia was retained multiple times and I can say this was money and time well spent. I am very critical with what I expect in a working dog and I can’t thank Cynthia enough for all thededicated work she put in with my boy and her patience with me. 

My dog gets numerous complements on his obedience and his demeanor while in a public setting. He is now 3 years old and a very intimidating K9 but, because of his solid foundational training followed up by Cynthia’s advanced work with him he is what we call in law enforcement a “push button dog”. Predictable, sharp and obedient.

I have referred numerous people to Cynthia for their training needs and I’m sure that she can help you with any training needs you may encounter.


Bobby White, retired 

California Deputy Sheriff and Federal Special Agent

Shuster K9 Academy Austin TX
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