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Every dog trainer has their own journey to achieving their goals. Cynthia Shuster of Shuster K9 Academy had a tougher road than most in accomplishing hers, but through all the adversity, she persevered and we couldn't be happier to introduce Cynthia as a

Training Without Conflict™ Certified Trainer!




Shuster K9 Academy at The Little Freedom Ranch

The Shuster K9 Academy is the product of its founder and owner, Cynthia Shuster. Cynthia was raised in Texas and her connection to “The Little Freedom Ranch” reaches back for almost 5 decades.

In the early 1970’s, her father purchased a small tract of land in Lee county and named it “The Little Freedom Ranch”. It represented a place for cattle, horses, wild life and multiple species of birds to live in perfect harmony. As the ranch grew to over 1000 acres, the basic belief that all creatures deserved a place to live and grow in a peaceful manner; lives on today, at its current namesake in Spicewood Texas.

Shuster K9 Academy is a combination of Private Lessons, Specialized Boarding and Training, Dog Procurement and Placement, Select Breeding, and customized dog equipment.

Cynthia’s love for animals goes back to her childhood where she first learned to tend to her own horses and her passion for the German Shepherd Breed. She has had the privilege of raising over 50 plus dogs, cats and birds.

In 2011, her love for animals was the motivation to form this unique Academy to assist all interested people in better training and caring for their animals. Her goals include; assisting you in finding the perfect pet, giving you and that pet the proper personalized training and following up to ensure you are completely satisfied with the results.

This website is designed to provide all of the information and answers you might have concerning today's modern approach to “The Perfect Companion”.

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Shuster K9 Academy Austin TX


Shuster K9 Academy

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