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Shuster K9 Academy has been active in joining clients with their perfect pets for the past several years.  With over 4000 contacts from around the world, all of your wishes can come true.  Even though German Shepherds are our specialty, your choice of a partner for life are unlimited.
Shuster K9 Academy Austin TX

"When we decided to start looking for a new German Shepherd puppy to add to our family, a friend of ours suggested that we reach out to, Cynthia Schuster, who they used to train their German Shepherds.  

When we called Cynthia, it was immediately obvious that we only thought we knew about German Shepherds!  She was so knowledgeable and helped us to decide what kind of puppy we wanted, and which “personality” would suit our family best.  She even came to our house with a couple of her own dogs and met our four kids to see what type of dog would be the best fit!  Then she went to work.   

She called a few weeks later to let us know that she found a litter of puppies in California that had a pup that would work for us!  She sent us videos and photos, and we were all so excited to meet our “little” guy.  When it was time for him to fly over, she arranged everything and even picked him up at the airport for us and brought him to our house.  The entire process was seamless and stress free.

He is a gorgeous dog, and is just as described.  Because we have a large family and numerous guests visiting us all the time, we wanted a friendly dog, not too driven, who would have an easy-going temperament.  We really got just that!  Of course, he’s still a puppy, so we have all of the puppy behaviors, but you can tell he’s the perfect family pet!  

Cynthia checked back in on us over those first few weeks, offering advice and tips as we worked out the kinks of adding a new furry family member!  Then, when Cayenne (that’s his name!) was ready, she started coming to our house to give him training lessons.  He looks forward to her visits and it’s obvious that her training is very effective.

We can’t say enough good things about using Cynthia throughout our procurement, and training process.  She is very knowledgeable in every step of the process, and helped us to find just the right dog to fit our family!"

Ben & Erin Archer

Shuster K9 Academy Austin TX

Chloe's Story

This is a fantastic story of a dog I placed in a loving home who almost died of malnutrition... 


Shuster K9 Academy Austin TX

"My husband and I met Cynthia when we made the decision to adopt our first GSD (Blitz) from Austin German Shepherd Rescue in December 2016. Blitz was a little over 2 years old when we got him, and he needed some manners. Cynthia was working with him (and us) to make his adjustment to his new life as positive as possible. We had Blitz for about 4 months when Cynthia contacted me about a female GSD who had been surrendered at a clinic in Lakeway. This dog was about the same age as Blitz, and Cynthia thought she would be a good addition to our pack. I went to visit her while my husband was on a business trip. When the tech brought her from the back of the clinic, I made the decision that she was going to be ours. We didn’t know much about Chloe’s situation, but it was clear there hadn’t been a lot of care or kindness. She was extremely underweight, and seemed very fragile. After discussing with my husband, I asked Cynthia for advice to see if Chole and Blitz would be a match. She arranged to have me bring Blitz to a small, enclosed dog park where we could control their interaction and Cynthia could assess the dogs together. Blitz was VERY interested in Chloe, and Chloe was very interested in just being outside running around! Chloe came home the next day. She went from a 42 pound 2 year old dog to 78 pounds. She went from a dog that had known very little contact or kindness to a dog who loves to snuggle with her dad in the mornings while I get ready for work. She and Blitz have become a little pack.


Cynthia has worked with both Blitz and Chloe, and they love to go out and be with us all the time. Cynthia has been invaluable for us not just for training our dogs, but understanding us as a family. She knew when she found Chloe that she was the right dog for our family. She truly has a passion for the animals and knows that the more they know, and the more their humans know, the better lives they will have."


Tracy Pyle

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